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Saunders Roe and The British Hovercraft Corporation Archives



Saunders Roe and British Hovercraft Corporation Archives will show the very extensive range of aircraft and hovercraft produced by these innovative company's.

This is the only source of original photographs from the archives of Saunders Roe & The British Hovercraft Corporation.

One of the first aircraft constructed by Saunders Roe - The Sopwith Bat Boat

Copies of all the images, as true monochrome or colour photographs can be purchased by completing the order form.

This Web Site acknowledges the assistance provided by the two Books written by Mr R.L.Wheeler about the History of Saunders Roe and The British Hovercraft Corporation.

The Web Site recommends both Books to anyone with an interest in two Aerospace companies who created and pioneered innovative technology and applied it to both Aircraft and Hovercraft.

"From Sea to Air" by R.L.Wheeler & A.E.Tagg.
"From River to Sea" by R.L.Wheeler

BHN7 Mk5a - Hovercraft fitted with a 'Dummy' Missile Launcher